Over 400 screened, 82 free surgeries conducted at Free Eye Camp at Chickballapur
Bangalore, October 2012

The people of the villages surrounding Chickballapur thronged Jain Bhavan for the free eye camp that was set up in this tiny village, courtesy Ranka Steels with the support of Project Dhristi today.


Over 400 people were screened for various eye ailments. Around 82 of these were scheduled for eye surgeries that took place a few days later.


Approximately 160 of these patients were provided with much-needed spectacles.


Along with this eye camp, a small dental camp was conducted alongside. Most of the people screened on the day had their teeth cleaned. About 40 needed treatment and this was conducted free of cost. This camp was a success thanks to the 20 nurses and doctors that formed the team working here. For those with eye ailments and who needed immediate attention, it was provided on the spot. Each and every one of the surgeries scheduled involved having the patients picked up from their homes with their families. Everything related to their care - accommodation, food, pre- and post-operative care as well as transportation back home for all, were provided free of cost.


"What is important to note is that we make no distinction in eye ailments that we handle. We consider everything from cataracts to more complicated procedures, " says Mr Ashok Ranka, Director, Ranka Steels.


The camp opened its doors to people early. It took advantage of the puja holidays to ensure that more people could benefit from this initiative. The venue was neatly segregated into a screening area and another where the surgeries were taking place. The process of screening to surgery and recovery areas was a smooth flowing one with no time being wasted in between. Patients are provided free transportation, food and accommodation as well as medication to complete the cycle of care. Almost every one of the cataract surgeries are suture-less along with IOL or Intra Ocular Lenses being implanted as well. Post-operative care is also taken care.


Ranka Steels, for years now has involved itself in numerous CSR activities all targeted at creating a better life for the not-so-fortunate. This tie-up with Project Dhristi that works solely in the field of eye care ensures that they bring the gift of better sight to a larger number of people. These camps are conducted every few months and scores of financially challenged folk benefit from it. Every year Ranka Steels carries out 500-600 eye surgeries, completely free of cost.


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