Ranka Steels observes Earth Day with power shutdown of an hour.
Written by TWB Industry & Commerce, July 2012

World over, several organizations big and small will be observing Earth Day. Every industry has their own way of showing their solidarity to the cause. In Bangalore, Ranka Steels will be doing their bit towards a greener tomorrow for the first time as well.


Ms Romitha Karumbaiah, Head- Corporate Communications, Ranka Steels says, “If you walk past companies after office-hours, you will see how much of power is still being utilized to light up the space. Shutting off power for one hour in a day is not only good for the environment but actually saves around 12% to 13% of the power we would utilize on a regular 8-hour working day.”


In this one hour of being powerless, the production processing plant will be set back on its production schedule by around 20 tons which roughly translates into Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 in terms of income for the company. Despite this, the management of the company is in complete agreement on the need for such measures on occasion.


Ms Romitha says that the steel sector is one that consumes a great deal of power, which in fact is the basic premise of their functioning. Since power is the mainstay of the industry, it is only fitting that this resource be given up in observance of Earth Day.

About Ranka Steels

Contributing to this process of converting raw steel into the form desired by manufacturers is RankaSteels, its product currently focusing on coil processing. In its production centre in Whitefield inBangalore, Ranka Steels houses the capacity to process per month, 3000 tonnes on its cut-to-length line and 2000 tonnes on the slitting line. Being an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, quality checks are in place to ensure that international standards are met. The surface table and digital measuring equipment installed in the factory ensures that this quality is met at all times to meet the exacting needs of the customer. Given the varied customer base, that ranges from automotive components, panel builders, white goods, air conditioning, elevators, furniture, construction, the specialised requirements of consumer and industrial goods are taken into account and the product fashioned in accordance to meet the specific needs.