Communities – Social Activities

Reaching Out
Every year, Ranka Steels conducts medical camps for those in need of eye surgeries, heart surgeries and dental care, completely free of cost.

Ranka Steels, in association with Jayadeva Hospital and Narayana Hrudalaya Hospital , helps conduct 100 Free heart surgeries every year.

Since its inception, Ranka Steels has helped conduct 400 Heart Surgeries.

Extending further medical aid to those in need, Ranka Steels has helped set up centers for free dialysis at the Jain Hospital and Sharada Rotary Health Centre in Bangalore.

Ranka Steels regularly funds students facing monetary obstacles in their pursuit for higher education, through education scholarships for high school and college students.

Ranka Steels supports the two most-often ignored sections of society – the elderly and children – by contributing to their welfare through the distribution of clothes, food (for the elderly through the provision of rice, pulses etc and for the children through mid-day meal schemes in association with Akshay Patra) and educational supplies.

Safeguarding the Environment

Being a processor of Steel, Ranka Steels recognizes the heightened importance of its role in society in order to safeguard the environment.

It shuts off all electrical power for an hour every year in observance of Earth Day. This includes not just electrical power that keeps the facilities and equipment running but also every other source of electricity – however minute in comparison – such as air conditioners and computers. No source is too small in order to help the environment that sustains us.

Even though this leads to a slowdown in its production process, Ranka Steels is proud of its contribution in saving electrical power – the mainstay of the steel industry – to the tune of 12% -13%!